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How should I make my product stand out In the Market Full of Similar Products

2019-09-24 17:03:34

3 months ago, Mr. Sergi who is the CEO of one of the top 3 POE Switch distributors in Russia initiative to contact us.
They are tired of the serious price war caused by the local market full of same products that their supplier sold to,
and there is no protection to him from this supplier,also other brand's competition,hoping that we could make a solution for them.

So this shoud be a problem about : How should I make my product stand out In the Market Full of Similar Products?

To answer this question, let's first clarify a concept: What is a "product"? A POE Switch? A Camera? A software system?

Indeed, these tangible goods that you can clearly name are products, but they are only part of the product.
The true "product" should be any tangible and intangible service that can meet market demand.

Then what we may think?

Market demand is always the first consideration,so we asked the following questions:

Q: Mr Sergi and his team should exactly know what is the core value of their clients,
is it benefit or concern about certain function, a certain parameter, and a certain material of the POE Switch?
A: Benefit is important to our wholesellers, but the performance and stability of the switches are the most concern of them.

Q: Whether the “good” you think of exsisted product is compared to the past products, or compared with the competitors,
or compared with the customers's needs?
A: Well,first i have to say,we have good prices from the exsisted supplier,it is simple for us to start selling combined our brand reputation in russia.
And this is the first supplier of us when we dicided to sell POE switches, but compared with our competitors,some clients choose them even need to pay higher prices.

Q: So why your clients choose to pay higher prices to buy tour competitors? Do you know your competitors and their products well?
A: Yes, we bought samples to test,and know the difference is from the whole product like the electronic design,i think they made them according to russia clients concern.
So maybe this the reason.

Q: Do you think maybe you are facing the challenge that the exsisted products can not defeat other products which can better meet clients requirement and price competition of same products from same supplier.
A: Yes, i think so,that's why we find you here.

After 3 hours long meeting conversation with Mr. Sergi,based on the full experience in helping clients solving competition problems,we have the following requirements:

1,Technical team need to sum up the past technical problem that your clients had complained,this is to know what they really concern about and the shortage of the exsisted products

2,Sales department need to give us feedback are there new functions that clients have demand of ?

3,Engineer team offer a solution based on the technical's report

A week's later,we received the feedbacks from Mr. Alex who is the enginner mamager of Mr. Sergi,through several times video conference,we came to the final solution:

1, The whole electronic design needs to be improved, the whole solution would protect the components and chipset better than the original design,

and this could not only improve the product stability but also extend the serving life of the poe switches

2, Adding watch-dog into the system, which could REBOOT AUTOMATICALLY

3, Making a OEM color for switches outlook shell to echo the logo even it has difficulty to achieve

The whole case took about 90 days from start, to implement, to test. Undoubtedly, it has been verified and adopted by our customer's team,
as this is the best solution they have got to make them Stand Out with POE Switch.

Just like the price war that my client have met before, there are many companies are bitterly struggling, still they can feel like there is no way out. 

Just like we protect our currently clients from homogeneous competition, we are willing to be the right solution for the company who is struggling in Price

Meeting customer needs is our only goal and motivation

We offer the best quality, the best service and the fastest response, just to reassure the customers