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ODM Ethernet POE Switch Cases The Application of Network Switches in ANPR Camera Systems

2019-08-27 15:44:00

June 2019, it is our 7th time attended London IFSEC Exhibition.

On the second day of the show, we met with Mr. Keith who is the director of CCTV Lighting and ANPR Products in UK GJD Manufacturing Ltd, which is a manufacturer of IP Detector,Security Lighting, ANPR Systems and etc, founded in 1984.

Mr. Keith came to PEOVG's Booth, and forwarded his requirements to our Sales Manager Ms. Irene and Engineer Mr. Zheng, that he is looking for OEM high speed switch for use with their ANPR IP Cameras.

We discussed about 40 Minutes and learnt, because one of his client is buying ANPR Camera from GJD, however, the client has to buy an extra switch from GJD's competitor to run data for ANPR System, which is really a big threat for Mr. Keith. As GJD doesn't have Switches, however, their competitor has ANPR systems.

That's not a good situation for long-term cooperation, Mr. Keith think.

Thus, in order to better maintain the clients and meanwhile provide more possibility to other GJD's clients, they think of adding a switch into ANPR systems, that is really kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, they save time and cost for clients to purchase ANPR camera and switches separately. On the other hand, they increase self competitiveness.

What are the detailed requirements for this switch from Keith are:
1. 5 Ports Fast Gigabit Switch, 12V Input.
2. PCB Board only, to be built-in their ANPR Systems.
3. PCB Board size has to be very small, exactly like a business card.
4. To change the Power connector on PCB to SMT Header.

After came back to China, the technical team started to work on the sample according to Mr. Keith's requirements, and tested for more than a week before sent out.

On the beginning of August, Mr. Keith reported the sample has passed the testing, and would like to talk with us on formal cooperation.

Actually, we asked Mr. Keith why he chose PEOVG as there are also many other Switch suppliers on exhibition.

Mr. Keith said, yes, i also talked with other switch suppliers, ethernet switch design there should be 3-4 before you, however, no one else is as professionally aware of my needs and willing to share information like you. So, i chose you and believe you will be the great partner for us.

His response is the best feedback we have got, which is the driving force behind our continued progress. PEOVG always pays 100% efforts and energy to every big or small case. As we believe, the clients are never short of suppliers, but a partner who truly CARES for them.

Meeting customer needs is our only goal and motivation

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