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Passive IP Extender Ethernet Over Coax EOC Transceiver

301P allows you to extend IP camera signal over existing coaxial cable, used in pairs with RG59 connector.
Transmission distance reaches max up to 100meters at 10/100Mbps speed.Low cost,easy and simple installation,it's a perfect solution for your IP system .

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Description of this Passive IP Extender Ethernet Over Coax EOC Transceiver

> Transmit IP camera signal over existing coaxial cable

> Transmission Rate/Bandwidth: 10/100 Mbps

> Transmission distance max up to 100m

> Full duplexer Transmissions

> Built-in Surge Protection

> High quality and performance

> Fast and easy to install

> Passive device, no power required

Why EOC?

Globally, security systems for new projects are almost all IP-based, due to various benefits of IP video surveillance, which enables better resolution and more advanced analytics to keep users situationally aware. However, for existing large-site projects or buildings with analog infrastructure, a full-scale migration to IP can be an expensive proposition. Against this backdrop, retrofitting these projects with Ethernet-over-coaxial (EoC) solutions can prove more cost-effective and less labor-intensive way to migrate for end users, which is to migrate Analog to IP by replacing just the end devices that is, the cameras and recorders  and leaving the coaxial infrastructure in place.

How EOC Can Benefit?

> IP has taken over the video surveillance market. All over the world, new projects or buildings are using IP video which offers high image quality, better integration with other networked devices as well as more advanced analytics capability. Indeed, demands for IP video are expected to drive further growth. According to Statistics, the global video surveillance market had a size of $19.5 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $63.2 billion by 2022, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 18.3 percent. Meanwhile, the demands for IP related model such as EOC is (going) huge.
> EoC works by way of connecting IP devices to EoC adapters, which convert IP signals to analog ones that can be passed along the coaxial cable.
> Maximum lower the installation time and cost.
> Long range transmission via coaxial cable, High compatibility easy installation
Specification of this Passive IP Extender Ethernet Over Coax EOC Transceiver



Product Name

Single Channel Passive IP Transmitter / Receiver

Applied devices

CCTV cameras, monitors, DVR, switchers, IP encoders, etc

Video Format



IEEE802.3 10/100Base-T




50Ω to dual 100Ω or 75Ω to dual 100Ω or 93Ω to dual 100Ω

Max Distance



> 30 dB


Female / Male BNC, RJ45 jack


Coax Cable (RG59)


No external power required


ABS engineering plastic

Body Color




Net Weight


Operating Temperature

-20℃~ 70℃

Relative Humidity

0~95% (non-condensing)

Storage Temperature

-40℃~ 150℃

Application of this Passive IP Extender Ethernet Over Coax EOC Transceiver


Pictures of this Passive IP Extender Ethernet Over Coax EOC Transceiver



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